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A Brief History of Ukulele Yes!
By James Hill

Established in 1976 as an "an Association to promote the teaching and enjoyment of music," Ukulele Yes! became an international network of ukulele teachers with the common goal of fostering musicianship through ukulele instruction.

The 1972 album Ukulele Yes! by the Halifax "A" Ukulele Group. More.

In 1976, a Ukulele Yes! membership – just $10 a year – got you a membership card, a very fetching Ukulele Yes! button, and a subscription to Ukulele Yes! magazine. Published twice a year, the magazine was "a means of communicating news to the membership and as a visual and verbal celebration of the Ukulele Yes! organization" (Wallace, W. (1989). A History of the Doane Ukulele Method 1961-1989. p. 52).

Offering ukulele teachers and enthusiasts a steady diet of useful articles, new arrangements, interviews, and much more, the original Ukulele Yes! magazine was published until 1981 when, due in part to "double digit inflation" (Ukulele Yes!, Vol. 6, 1981. p. 4), it was mothballed.

As an organization, Ukulele Yes! sponsored countless regional workshops across Canada in addition to eight National Ukulele Workshops. Most importantly, the Ukulele Yes! organization provided a way for ukulele teachers to communicate, to share experiences, and to "contribute to the development of a unique and exciting music educational movement" (Wallace, p. 54).

Today, Ukulele Yes! is an on-line magazine that carries on the tradition of it's namesake: to promote the teaching and enjoyment of music. While times have changed and methods of communication have multiplied, the importance of music education remains.

We invite you to enjoy all that the new Ukulele Yes! magazine has to offer. If you'd like to contribute an article, interview or arrangement please read our submission guidelines and send us your ideas from the contact page.

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Editor: James Hill