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Submissions to Ukulele Yes!

1. Call for Submissions
2. Getting Paid

1. Submission Guidelines

Feature Articles

We're always looking for new and interesting content for future Ukulele Yes! issues. If you'd like to write an article for us, or if you've already had something published that we could reprint (in whole or in part) please let us know.  Priority will go to articles relating to ukulele in music education, but any and all uke-related submissions are most welcome.

If article includes scores or audio, please include both C6 and D6 versions.


To be considered for publication, your arrangement must include:

  1. Separate scores in C6 and D6 tuning (PDF format perferred)
  2. An audio recording of the arrangement (live or MIDI) in both C6 and D6 tunings.
  3. Teaching notes.

Pedagogy Corner Articles

Pedagogy Corner articles should focus on one skill or technique (at any level, beginner to advanced). The more practical, the better. To be considered for publication, your Pedagogy Corner article must include musical examples (scores) in both C6 and D6 tuning.

Click here for a sample Pedagogy Corner article.

Please send submission inquiries and/or abstracts to the editor.

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2. Getting Paid

When you submit an article or arrangement we will keep it on file until we find a place for it in an issue of Ukulele Yes!. At that time we will contact you with editorial changes/suggestions; you will be paid once your submission is published.

We pay the following rates per published piece:

  • $250.00CAD per Feature Article
  • $200.00 per Arrangement
  • $150.00CAD per Pedagogy Corner article.

You retain the copyright to your work. Contributors are expected to meet deadline and to edit/revise pieces if necessary.  Note: classroom reports (see details above) are submitted on a voluntary basis. Submission guidelines and fees are subject to change without notice.

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Show your support for Ukulele Yes! with a contribution in any amount.