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Fire Island, NY, U.S.A.
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Gatesville, TX, U.S.A.

Fire Island School District, Ocean Beach, NY, U.S.A.
By Philip Tamberino

Since 2007, the children of Fire Island (year-round population less than 500) have learned ukulele in classroom music at the island's public elementary school. With the novelty of the program gaining the attention of many adult staff and community members, last fall the school district began offering a beginner ukulele course in its adult education program. Taught by the school music teacher and meeting once a week after school, the course did not require any musical background and focused on the common techniques and songs associated with the instrument. Now in its second session, the repeat enrollees include the president of the school board, a former school board member and parent, the district clerk, the school nurse, and the school reading specialist. Fire Island is proud to join the ranks of the ukulele's many other esteemed island homes.

Visit the Fire Island School District Music Department website.

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Deep Cove School, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
By Eileen Hayes

I thought you might be interested in our concert efforts of December and more recently, February. Thanks to one of my tech-savvy parents I'm finally able to see what the audience hears and sees!

Here's the latest from our French-immersion ukulele class!

Click here to for more videos of Mme. Hayes' ukulele class.

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Gatesville Elementary, Gatesville, TX, U.S.A.
By Christeena Sweeney

We had our first Ukulele Club meeting yesterday! 42 students came and 19 had their own ukuleles! The school board has asked us to play at their next meeting so we are practicing 3 songs for that. I am looking into getting tie-dye t-shirts with our logo on them. I was thrilled with the response! However, my classroom was so packed that about half had to sit on the floor. I'm thinking we may need to practice in the auditorium next week!

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Do you teach a ukulele group? Are you a student in a ukulele class? If so, send us an update on your activities: what you've learned recently and what you're learning now. Make sure to include your name and location.

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