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Re-prints of vintage Ukulele Yes! articles

This is an excerpt from Jody Wood's excellent three-part article A Pedagogical Trio which also included "Teaching the Parents to Play" and "Teaching to Different Levels in One Class."

Demonstration Lessons
By Jody Wood

Ukulele Yes! Vol. 5, No. 1 (1980). p. 13

One of the simplest and most effective ways of gaining parental support and help is by inviting the parents to a ukulele class. This can be called a demonstration lesson but should be run just like a regular class. The purpose is to show the parents what the class is doing, what the teacher is trying to achieve, what the children should be learning and how the child is progressing. If the teacher plans the lesson carefully, he or she can make many points about practicing, attendance, punctuality, problems of ukulele playing and in fact, can emphasize anything that is of concern to the teacher, students or parents.

It's always exciting to hear a group play something that a child has been practicing alone at home.

It is also an excellent opportunity for a short, casual performance of some of the repertoire the class has been practicing. It's always exciting to hear a group play something that a child has been practicing alone at home.

After the lesson, it is a good idea to make some time available for questions and conversation with the parents. Parents always enjoy watching their children at work and a demonstration lesson provides an excellent opportunity to create and stimulate interest in the ukulele program. Every bit of time spent talking to parents is worthwhile to both the teacher and students. Parents appreciate the time the teacher makes available to them and the chance to see their children in action. A demonstration class provides both.

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Jody Wood is former Music Coordinator for SD8, New Brunswick, and a former co-director of the Halifax "A" Ukulele Ensemble. She is the author of two ukulele books: Doane Ukulele Level 1 Skills and Technique and Doane Ukulele Level 2 Skills and Technique.

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