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Uke + Bass = BFF
By James Hill

Ukuleles and basses always flirted but with Lyle Ritz' 1957 jazz uke manifesto How About Uke?, their romance blossomed. Just ask uke/bass players like Byron Yasui, Chalmers Doane, Aaron Keim or Steve Boisen (who contributes the feature article in this issue) and they'll tell you: it ain't a party until the bass shows up!

1957: Lyle Ritz' jazz uke manifesto How About Uke?

Welcome to the Summer 2011 issue of Ukulele Yes!. As always, we have quite a bouquet of offerings including the aforementioned feature article by Steve Boisen on adding a bass to your ukulele group, an interview with Island Ukuleles co-director and Little Ukers author Melissa McKnight, a free arrangement of the beautiful Irish-folksong-turned-hymn Be Thou My Vision by Kevin Birkbeck and a Pedagogy Corner feature by yours truly about the powerhouse "Chord 3000" voicing!

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Don't forget Ukulele Yes! is co-sponsoring two upcoming ukulele events: The JHUI Ukulele Teacher Certification Program in August, 2011 and The Langley Ukulele Workshop in October, 2011. Click here for more about these events. Hope to see you there!

Uke on!

James Hill
Editor, Ukulele Yes!

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