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It's Not Hard to Find Good Help
By James Hill

It's no secret that Ukulele Yes! is a labour of love. From the early days of the magazine in the 1970s through it's revival as an eZine three years ago, the content of the magazine comes from dedicated musicians, teachers, arrangers and enthusiasts who believe in the ukulele as a teaching tool like no other.

Certified Level 1 Teachers in the Vancouver JHUI class receive their certificates (August 2011).

And now, finding well-qualified people to contribute content to Ukulele Yes! is easier than ever thanks to the JHUI Teacher Certification Program. This year, 25 teachers from across North America and beyond completed the Level 1 teacher training course. Many have continued on to the Level 2 training while dozens more have registered for this year's Level 1 course.

In addition to providing candidates with an in-depth, 10-month teacher training and personal skill-development course, the JHUI Teacher Certification Program creates a worldwide community of like-minded individuals; a support network for ukulele teachers.

Ukulele teaching can sometimes seem like a lonely path; a niche within a niche.

In this issue of Ukulele Yes!, you'll meet two certified Level 1 teachers: Eve Goldberg (Toronto, ON) and Pelle Matson (Angered, Sweden). In this issues' interview, Goldberg shares her insights on teaching adults while Matson shares a beautiful arrangement of his composition Gånglåt från Mästocka, inspired by the traditional music of Sweden. In the Summer issue of Ukulele Yes!, another certified Level 1 Teacher, Kevin Birkbeck, contributed an arrangement of the gorgeous Irish melody Be Thou My Vision.

Scenes from the 2011 JHUI Institute (Vancouver, BC). Photos by Peng Ratchaworapong.

Also in this issue is a feature article by Suzanne Doane. Doane, who taught at both the Vancouver and Truro JHUI Institutes this year, gives us a detailed view of one of her favourite teaching activites: The Eliminator Game!

Ukulele teaching can sometimes seem like a lonely path; a niche within a niche. But with a growing worldwide support network, teacher training programs, workshops, and an ever-increasing number of ukulele groups and classes, the days of "every man for himself" are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Uke on!

James Hill
Editor, Ukulele Yes!

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