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Feedback from Ukulele Yes! Readers


I recently found your website and I think it is totally awesome. As an educator I enjoy seeing a program that is well structured and covers so much of the music fundamentals (I recently retired from the Kamehameha Schools and want to start a program for Hawaiian music). I am in awe of what this website has to offer and aesthetically it is great and friendly.

Keep up the good work!


Hawai'i, U.S.A.

Hi James!

We are joining the Ukulele Revolution! My name is Suzie Robertson and I am the principal of Manordale Elementary School in Ottawa.

During an interview between Lynn Saxberg (journalist at The Ottawa Citizen/parent at our school) and Ben Harper, Ben donated 40 colourful ukuleles to our school this June. We are most greatful, as this was a big and unexpected surprise. We want to make the best use of this resource, so I am placing an order from your online store.

I am aware that you presented a series of workshops and activities at the Canadian Musuem of Civilization in May. I have also heard that you visited schools in our school district this past year to help them with their recent ukulele program. We will not be able to afford the trip to Langley this year to attend the Langley Ukulele Workshop. I would like to know if your plans include a visit back to Ottawa in 2009/2010. It would be an honour to welcome you at Manordale Public School.

Ontario, Canada

Hi Suzie,

Thanks for your letter; what a generous gift from Ben Harper! I try to do a cross-Canada school tour in the Spring of every year. Details about my school presentations can be found at

-- Ed.

Hi James,

I listened with admiration this morning to the CBC Radio piece on you and Chalmers Doane. I was one of the thousands in Halifax, Grade 5-6 I believe in 1965-66 who learned to play. My family moved after so I lost the teacher, but can still strum Five Foot Two the way he taught us! Congratulations on your career and for taking the time to keep Chalmers' dream alive in the future.


Nova Scotia, Canada

James and Chalmers,

I've been using your curricula with my ukulele students for the past year and have had great success with it. I love your web site and can tell how hard you have been working coming out with the new books, the free teaching aids are so helpful and I really appreciate everything you have to offer.

Musically yours,

California, U.S.A.


Really interested in learning how to play & teaching my third & fourth graders in Oceanside, CA. I joined a Ukulele Society Group in Carlsbad and am taking lessons. We have a music teacher at my school who teaches guitar (and could teach the ukulele I suppose!). I am known as the "Hawaiian" teacher at my school. How can I get this started? Any suggestions?

Are there any workshops appropriate for non-musical people like me just learning?

California, U.S.A.

Hi Deb,

There are many workshops/festivals that offer beginning-level classes. I'd check out the Langley Ukulele Workshop and the Portland Ukulele Festival for starters.

-- Ed.

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