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Feedback from Ukulele Yes! Readers


I really enjoyed the Langley Ukulele Workshop; I feel that I am getting to be a better music teacher.  I'm not trained that way (I'm a visual arts specialist), I've just taken over the music program because no one else wanted it.  The kids at our school didn't really like music... I mean, how could you not like music? I talked the school into ordering the Ukulele in the Classroom books this year.  I feel that there is a lot of musicality in the series.

The model lesson plan was especially helpful.  I like the layout of the plan and the checks that you've included along the way to ensure that the program is balanced.  It was also great to see it in action at the workshop. I appreciated the enthusiasm of the instructors; it's obvious they all love what they are doing.

And I liked the theory.  I now can convert chords to seventh and ninth chords! I now have a banjo uke and  I bet those jazz chords are going to sound great on it.

Alberta, Canada

Hi Alice,

Glad you enjoyed the Langley Ukulele Workshop; so did I! Click here for photos and comments about the workshop. Registration for the 2010 Langley Ukulele Workshop opens in February... keep an eye out for it!

-- Ed.

Our programme we love!!! It is going well. We have finished 2 lessons (this group meets every 2 weeks). Very keen. I am glad that we went with it. We are adjusting to the lower string as well. So far I am just able to keep a bit ahead of them but am trying to push myself further. Some of my teens will pass me I am sure but that's okay with me and the class knows where I am.

What happened is that we had a ukulele teacher but she is now pregnant and decided to take time off from the extra curricular, so it fell to me.

New Brunswick, Canada

Hi James,

We are a group of senior citizens who get together for a time of fellowship at a recreation center in Pearl City, Hawaii. We are not a polished group but we are enjoying learning, singing and having a time. I am the leader of the group and not a polished instructor but maybe someday in the near future I could get to met you and learn how to instruct ukulele classes.

Seeing the performance of the korean children was inspiring [link -- Ed.]; I wish I could be one of the people helping the kids to learn the uke.


Hawaii, U. S. A.

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